The running of the League is vested in the Chairman and the League Secretary, who are both elected annually at each AGM.


Any changes to these Generally Agreed Principles must be decided by a majority of clubs, normally at an AGM or by general consent.


Structural changes of the League would normally be made at an AGM – but temporary changes can be made by general consent and ratified at the following AGM or an EGM called specifically for that purpose. Each club present at an AGM or an EGM has one vote, and proxy votes are not accepted.


During the season, the Chairman and League Secretary are responsible for settling any disputes that may arise.


Applications to join the League in any season will only be considered at the previous year’s AGM.


Fixtures are issued by the League Secretary. These fixtures are calculated by reference to a grid – the number allocated to each team is decided by the finishing position in the previous season, but as amended (if possible) on request from individual clubs in order to avoid pre-set important events. Dates for matches will be notified at least three years ahead, to try and avoid any such clashes. Once the fixtures have been published, no changes can be made.


Teams play each other on a home-and-away basis.


Matches consist of twelve players in a team in Divisions One, playing six foursomes’ match play games off scratch. Matches in Divisions Two consist of ten players in a team, playing five foursomes’ match play games off scratch. The League is open to any male golfer who is a paid-up member of the club he represents.


We should not allow players, awaiting amateur status after being a professional, to play until their amateur status has been returned. They would not be allowed to play in any competitions outside of their club, and certainly not for the County.


In each match, 2 points are awarded for a win, one point for a halved match.


There is no specific order of play, but current first team County players are expected to play in the first three games.


In any season, once a player has represented a club in a League match, he may not represent another club in the League.


Promotion and relegation is decided on a two-up/two-down basis. However, if one or both Divisions are reduced to five, it will be necessary to relegate two teams to accommodate any such reductions.


Positions in each Division are decided by the total number of points. Where teams have an equal number of points, their positions are decided by the difference between games won and games lost (often referred to as ‘goal difference’!). If there is still a tie, their positions are decided by the individual matches played between the clubs affected, firstly on points gained, then on ‘goal difference’. The final method of countback will be number of wins during the season. If the two teams cannot be separated under these guidelines, then there would need to be a play-off on a neutral course.


Matches are generally, but not necessarily, played at 2 pm on a Saturday afternoon. In the event that a club wishes to alter the time of a match, it is the club’s responsibility to notify the opposition and the League Secretary. Matches MUST be played either on the allotted date or BEFORE that date if agreed by both clubs. Any mutually agreed changes must be notified to the League Secretary by both clubs. Any request to play the match after the due date MUST be approved by the League Secretary, or a fine will be levied.  However, any such matches cannot be requested for anything other exceptional circumstances. Players away on holiday or on a tour do not count as exceptional. Any club failing to fulfil a fixture will have four points deducted from the following season. Results for unplayed matches ('walkovers') will be recorded as as 4-2 in six-match divisions and 3.5-1.5 in five-match divisions. Abandoned matches (inclement weather) must be re-arranged at the soonest possible opportunity, and in any event MUST be played before the date of the NGFL Cup.


A player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only (Rule 4.3a/1 found in The Player's Equipment (

Results must be notified to the League Secretary by all teams within three days of the date on which each match is due to be played. This can either be done by e-mail ( or by text or phone (07590 480636). Failure to notify the League Secretary within the prescribed time will result in the home club being fined 2.


On the same day of each League match, there is a reciprocal friendly ‘B’ team match. Whilst there will be no promotion and relegation within these ‘B’ team matches, the League Secretary is happy to record the results and produce league tables alongside the NGFL matches. As an incentive for ‘B’ teams, a cheque will be sent to the charity of choice of the two teams who finish at the top of each division.


At the end of each season, the League Secretary will arrange to present the winners' trophies at the NGFL Cup. The winning team in each division will receive a cheque made out to a nominated charity of the club's choice.


In order to promote the social side of golf, as well as the competitive side, it is generally accepted that the home club provides a light meal. This does not have to be elaborate. In fact, the League encourages clubs to keep the cost as low as possible. The League also encourages clubs to provide this meal either as soon as possible after the match has finished, or before the match if preferred. The League suggests that if any club wishes to provide an even lighter form of refreshment (such as sandwiches), this is notified to the opposition before the season starts, in order that a reciprocal arrangement may be put in place if required.


The League’s suggestion regarding payment for meals is that each club charges a match fee to each player in the team - this would probably be equal to the cost of the food. The home club keeps the home teams match fees and the away team takes its own match fees back to its own club. The ‘B’ team, who are playing away, bring back the match fees they have collected. This way, each club receives twenty-four match fees even if all players in a team do not stop for the meal (a good bargaining point when discussing the cost of meals with the caterers, and trying to keep these costs down).


An annual League subscription to cover administration costs such as postage, photocopying, charity cheques and engraving is decided at an AGM.


The NGFL Cup is played at the end of each season. This is a scratch medal foursome’s event in which each club enters four pairs, with the best three scores to count and the fourth score used to decide in the event of a tie (similar to the Lister Cup). The order in which each club is requested to host this event can be obtained from the League Secretary.


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Updated: 4 October 2020

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