North Gloucestershire Foursomes League



RESULTS - 2018

21 April Cotswold Hills Stinchcombe Hill
21 April Forest Hills Ross on Wye
21 April Minchinhampton Cirencester
21 April Lilley Brook Gloucester
21 April Cleeve Cloud Broadway
21 April Painswick Cotswold Edge
21 April Tewkesbury Park Lydney
21 April Naunton Downs Forest of Dean
21 April Puckrup Hall Brickhampton Court
28 April Cirencester Forest Hills
28 April Ross on Wye Cotswold Hills
28 April Stinchcombe Hill Minchinhampton
28 April Cotswold Edge Cleeve Cloud
28 April Broadway Lilley Brook
28 April Gloucester Painswick
28 April Brickhampton Court Naunton Downs
28 April Forest of Dean Tewkesbury Park
28 April Lydney Puckrup Hall
12 May Cotswold Hills Cirencester
12 May Forest Hills Minchinhampton
12 May Stinchcombe Hill Ross on Wye
12 May Lilley Brook Cotswold Edge
12 May Cleeve Cloud Painswick
12 May Gloucester Broadway
12 May Tewkesbury Park Brickhampton Court
12 May Naunton Downs Puckrup Hall
12 May Lydney Forest of Dean
09 June Forest Hills Stinchcombe Hill
09 June Minchinhampton Cotswold Hills
09 June Cirencester Ross on Wye
09 June Cleeve Cloud Gloucester
09 June Painswick Lilley Brook
09 June Cotswold Edge Broadway
09 June Naunton Downs Lydney
09 June Puckrup Hall Tewkesbury Park
09 June Brickhampton Court Forest of Dean
23 June Cotswold Hills Forest Hills
23 June Ross on Wye Minchinhampton
23 June Stinchcombe Hill Cirencester
23 June Lilley Brook Cleeve Cloud
23 June Broadway Painswick
23 June Gloucester Cotswold Edge
23 June Forest of Dean Puckrup Hall
23 June Brickhampton Court Lydney
07 July Cirencester Minchinhampton
07 July Ross on Wye Forest Hills
07 July Stinchcombe Hill Cotswold Hills
07 July Cotswold Edge Painswick
07 July Broadway Cleeve Cloud
07 July Gloucester Lilley Brook
07 July Brickhampton Court Puckrup Hall
07 July Forest of Dean Naunton Downs
07 July Lydney Tewkesbury Park
21 July Cotswold Hills Ross on Wye
21 July Forest Hills Cirencester
21 July Minchinhampton Stinchcombe Hill
21 July Lilley Brook Broadway
21 July Cleeve Cloud Cotswold Edge
21 July Painswick Gloucester
21 July Tewkesbury Park Forest of Dean
21 July Naunton Downs Brickhampton Court
21 July Puckrup Hall Lydney
04 August Minchinhampton Forest Hills
04 August Cirencester Cotswold Hills
04 August Ross on Wye Stinchcombe Hill
04 August Painswick Cleeve Cloud
04 August Cotswold Edge Lilley Brook
04 August Broadway Gloucester
04 August Puckrup Hall Naunton Downs
04 August Brickhampton Court Tewkesbury Park
04 August Forest of Dean Lydney
18 August Cotswold Hills Minchinhampton
18 August Ross on Wye Cirencester
18 August Stinchcombe Hill Forest Hills
18 August Lilley Brook Painswick
18 August Broadway Cotswold Edge
18 August Gloucester Cleeve Cloud
18 August Tewkesbury Park Puckrup Hall
18 August Forest of Dean Brickhampton Court
18 August Lydney Naunton Downs
26 August Tewkesbury Park Naunton Downs
01 September Forest Hills Cotswold Hills
01 September Minchinhampton Ross on Wye
01 September Cirencester Stinchcombe Hill
01 September Cleeve Cloud Lilley Brook
01 September Painswick Broadway
01 September Cotswold Edge Gloucester
01 September Lydney Brickhampton Court
01 September Naunton Downs Tewkesbury Park
01 September Puckrup Hall Forest of Dean

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