21 April Cotswold Hills v Stinchcombe Hill
21 April Forest Hills v Ross on Wye
21 April Minchinhampton v Cirencester
21 April Lilley Brook v Gloucester
21 April Cleeve Cloud v Broadway
21 April Painswick v Cotswold Edge
21 April Tewkesbury Park v Lydney
21 April Bye v Forest of Dean
21 April Puckrup Hall v Brickhampton Court
28 April Cirencester v Forest Hills
28 April Ross on Wye v Cotswold Hills
28 April Stinchcombe Hill v Minchinhampton
28 April Cotswold Edge v Cleeve Cloud
28 April Broadway v Lilley Brook
28 April Gloucester v Painswick
28 April Brickhampton Court v Bye
28 April Forest of Dean v Tewkesbury Park
28 April Lydney v Puckrup Hall
12 May Cotswold Hills v Cirencester
12 May Forest Hills v Minchinhampton
12 May Stinchcombe Hill v Ross on Wye
12 May Lilley Brook v Cotswold Edge
12 May Cleeve Cloud v Painswick
12 May Gloucester v Broadway
12 May Tewkesbury Park v Brickhampton Court
12 May Bye v Puckrup Hall
12 May Lydney v Forest of Dean
09 June Forest Hills v Stinchcombe Hill
09 June Minchinhampton v Cotswold Hills
09 June Cirencester v Ross on Wye
09 June Cleeve Cloud v Gloucester
09 June Painswick v Lilley Brook
09 June Cotswold Edge v Broadway
09 June Bye v Lydney
09 June Puckrup Hall v Tewkesbury Park
09 June Brickhampton Court v Forest of Dean
23 June Cotswold Hills v Forest Hills
23 June Ross on Wye v Minchinhampton
23 June Stinchcombe Hill v Cirencester
23 June Lilley Brook v Cleeve Cloud
23 June Broadway v Painswick
23 June Gloucester v Cotswold Edge
23 June Tewkesbury Park v Bye
23 June Forest of Dean v Puckrup Hall
23 June Lydney v Brickhampton Court
07 July Cirencester v Minchinhampton
07 July Ross on Wye v Forest Hills
07 July Stinchcombe Hill v Cotswold Hills
07 July Cotswold Edge v Painswick
07 July Broadway v Cleeve Cloud
07 July Gloucester v Lilley Brook
07 July Brickhampton Court v Puckrup Hall
07 July Forest of Dean v Bye
07 July Lydney v Tewkesbury Park
21 July Cotswold Hills v Ross on Wye
21 July Forest Hills v Cirencester
21 July Minchinhampton v Stinchcombe Hill
21 July Lilley Brook v Broadway
21 July Cleeve Cloud v Cotswold Edge
21 July Painswick v Gloucester
21 July Tewkesbury Park v Forest of Dean
21 July Bye v Brickhampton Court
21 July Puckrup Hall v Lydney
04 August Minchinhampton v Forest Hills
04 August Cirencester v Cotswold Hills
04 August Ross on Wye v Stinchcombe Hill
04 August Painswick v Cleeve Cloud
04 August Cotswold Edge v Lilley Brook
04 August Broadway v Gloucester
04 August Puckrup Hall v Bye
04 August Brickhampton Court v Tewkesbury Park
04 August Forest of Dean v Lydney
18 August Cotswold Hills v Minchinhampton
18 August Ross on Wye v Cirencester
18 August Stinchcombe Hill v Forest Hills
18 August Lilley Brook v Painswick
18 August Broadway v Cotswold Edge
18 August Gloucester v Cleeve Cloud
18 August Tewkesbury Park v Puckrup Hall
11 August Forest of Dean v Brickhampton Court
18 August Lydney v Bye
01 September Forest Hills v Cotswold Hills
01 September Minchinhampton v Ross on Wye
01 September Cirencester v Stinchcombe Hill
01 September Cleeve Cloud v Lilley Brook
01 September Painswick v Broadway
01 September Cotswold Edge v Gloucester
01 September Bye v Tewkesbury Park
01 September Puckrup Hall v Forest of Dean
01 September Brickhampton Court v Lydney
16 September Stinchcombe Hill NGFL Cup


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